Thursday, 14 February 2013

shabbat 134

who knows best?

Abaye learns from his mother how to care for a newborn.
whereas, R. Natan instructs mothers who come to him for guidance.

who is the expert?

(this page has a few instances of caring for a newborn. specifically around circumcision, and more generally. Abaye lists various things he learnt from his mother about caring for a newborn, including when to delay circumcision. R. Natan speaks of 2 instances where he advises to delay, the mother is nervous about circumcising her son as she has 2 other children who have died. The connection between mother and child does not always mean mother knows best. it depends on what the mother has been through... this drawing is based on the first photo of me holding my own newborn babe... I'm not sure I knew best.. for english translation of this talmud page, see here)

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