Friday, 27 January 2017

bava batra 5

when rabbis demand people pay for their own protection, using theft and threats. 

& suggest that some want to pay early, to avoid any trouble later. 

sometimes, more often than is ok, the rabbis in the talmud come across as mobsters. This is one of those times. Ravina's disputes with his neighbour Ronya. Ravina's land surround Ronya's field. Ravina builds a partition and asks Ronya to pay half. Ronya doesn't want the partition and refuses to pay, either half of the full costs, or any of the reductions. Ronya doesn't want this partition. Ravina then instructs his workers to steal from Ronya, demonstrating that Ronya needs the protection of the partition. Rava supports Ravina and forces Ronya to pay for the protection he is receiving. Protection from dangers like having Ravina as a neighbour....

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