Thursday, 17 March 2016

kiddushin 6

he buys her with the gift that can't be returned -
even if there is no explanation.

This pages discuss the declaration that he makes to the woman as an act of kiddushin, and if alternative versions are also valid. One suggested wording is: Behold you are my rib... not the most romantic of marriage statements. but less sinister than "you are my seized one." But does he always need to make a clear statement. Context is everything. R. Yose's opinion is that if the man and woman were in a conversation about marriage, and then he gives her the money, or something of value, then an explicit explanation is not necessary. Also on this page is the status of the money, or item of value. He has to own it, not a loan, or a gift he has to give back and only borrows for the purpose of kiddushin. This is in contrast to the etrog, which can be temporarily gifted so that another can do the mitzvah. On condition that it is returned. But with kiddushin, a woman cannot be brought in a cheap exchange.

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