Wednesday, 7 January 2015

yevamot 94

have I mentioned recently quite how much I hate yevamot....? if you have seen me in person, then yes you have probably heard me rant and rage about the way rape is discussed. and sex with children. and how the whole woman is a vessel for the continuation of a dead man's name... but if you are only reading this blog, then my apologies. I have not been updating it, because as much as I rant and rage, I really don't want to write about this, explain it. or spend too much time on it. I am continuing with this bonkers draw yomi project, although I question why daily. I am learning and drawing and ranting and raging. My drawings have become very sparse and simple. trying to spend as little time on it as possible. today's seems innocuous compared to what has been - the wife goes overseas, the husband hears she is dead. he marries her sister. and then - oh dear! wife turns out to be alive after all.... in the comparable situation of husband going overseas and wife remarrying, she has to generally separate from both husbands. but in this scenerio. he goes back to first wife. no harm done. so he slept with his sister-in-law before his wife died. oh well. Sex is something that happens to women and changes their status.... 

at some point I will upload all the yevamot drawings. They are all here, in 2 notebooks. I recently presented this project at Limmud UK, and I was reminded of my first drawing. The one saying the shema with eye open. It was my intention to engage with this text with eyes fully open. Not to look away and close the book when the text got difficult. So, here I am... still drawing with my eyes open. it's just that every so often I might need to wince. 

for the widower there is a lot less to lose if there is a mistake about his dead wife.

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