Thursday, 8 January 2015

yevamot 95

it may take two to tango, but when the dance is over, it is her body that has been defiled.
it is her who has become forbidden - locked away from the world.
& he...? he can continue to dance with others who are not connected to the tainted one.

Following the previous page's scenerio, the husband can return to his original wife - who isn't dead after all! hurrah! - leaving his partner, his wife's sister. who has now become forbidden to her original husband - who isn't dead after all. Whoops.

The women are described throughout as being defiled by illicit sex, and have the status of forbidden or not forbidden. She carries that label.... just writing this up to explain the drawing, makes me want to say SEE! THIS is why I don't want to upload these drawings... 

As I was drawing, thinking about the imbalance in the Talmud in the consequences of a sexual relationship, this lyric came on the radio:

and if there was a sequel, would you love me as an equal, would you love me til I die...
'Is it wicked not to care' - Belle & Sebastian

and just the very title sums up my attitude to wanting to disengage from these problematic text, refusing to follow the logic of intermingled relationships of who is forbidden to whom. and resenting the fact that I can actually follow it.... grrrr..... I want to not care...