Tuesday, 31 March 2015

ketubot 51

the threat doesn't need to be always present to keep her captive.

ketubot 50

teaching and raising children
even if they aren't your own
will bring eternal reward
even if some lessons have to be taught with force

ketubot 49

it might not be obligatory,
but even the ravens and jackels look after their young.

ketubot 48

in that moment of transfer from father to husband
from being a daughter to being a wife
there is a moment when she is just she

ketubot 47

between her father who can sell her as a slave
and her husband who can eat her produce - what does own herself?

ketubot 46

flogging them won't help her knowing that she is married to someone who didn't trust her

ketubot 45

her death is at the entrance to his house
so he will see in his going out and coming in

here is where they killed my daughter

ketubot 44

stoning or strangulation
throwing or pulling - is she an insider or not?

why does it matter how they kill her?

ketubot 43

in the absence of her father, who does her earning, pain and worth belong to?
or is it finally her own?

ketubot 42

when the daughter is raped

who feels the loss? damage?

ketubot 41

are all men dogs?

ketubot 40

degrading the king's daughter to a slave girl

ketubot 39

sorry for the rape
but where exactly does it hurt?

ketubot 38

when she has been violated
who collects the fine? who has been damaged

ketubot 37

when you are a dead man walking
no amount of money will help you
too many verses against you

ketubot 36

the women who don't know their bodies and the ones who everyone knows.

ketubot 35

well...something happened to her, whether he pays or not
even if she said no or yes too many times

ketubot 34

when to steal and kill and get away

ketubot 33

if there's no body, there's no murder
but there is still some harm done

ketubot 32

when lashes
meet fines

ketubot 31

some actions only have one inevitable outcome once the arrows has been shot - has to land - but stolen bread doesn't have to be carried out and eaten.

ketubot 30

even after the executioners had gone
can not escape the hand of heaven

ketubot 29

pay the fine if you violate her
even her 
the tainted and untouchable one

ketubot 28

crying or looking forward?

either way, it's her who has to leave

ketubot 27

when the army comes to town,
who is the one who is completely safe?

ketubot 26

seperated from family and friends
the boy for being a priest
and the woman for being locked up

ketubot 25

the sketchy status of publicly blessing others

ketubot 24

waiting for the stones to allow you to eat

ketubot 23

knowing what to say (& what not to say) when 2 approach 3

ketubot 22

the 4 pairs of eyes who silence the mouth

ketubot 21

it takes 3 to verify the signature
even if 1 out of 3 is a bit sketchy

ketubot 20

the women with the empty bumps making mounds and bumps on the roads and paths out of town.

ketubot 19

the the fading power of the signature
survives while the person is present or remembered

ketubot 18

believe the mouth that says the pen was influenced by the sword

ketubot 17

the rabbis begin by praising the bride
end with praising the scholars.

ketubot 16

why is it public knowledge if she's a virgin? or if a man has known her?