Wednesday, 28 October 2015

goodbye nazir

in an ideal world, I would have posted all of mesechet nazir on this website. up-dated it everyday. patient followers of this blog would know that it has been a while since I have done the daily updates. it is not an ideal world. as much as I would like and want it to be.

mesechet nazir seems to be bookended by desire. wants. longing. wishing....

I wondered if there is a thread that ties the various bits of nazir 66 together. so here's what I've come up with (this may or may not stand up to scrutiny/be so obvious EVERYONE knows this)
the 7 ways to examine the uncertain zav, shmuel being a Nazir and being the first to grab the mitzvah has the greatest reward.

it's about want and desire. lusting (did the ?zav have erotic thoughts about a woman is one of the 7), longing (hannah longed for a child so vowed him to be a Nazir as bargaining) and grabbing the cup to say the bracha is greater than saying amen as its the first, and shows eagerness. 

all 3 are different aspects of the same emotion. some praiseworthy, others not. and could make an even more tenuous link to the opening daf of Nazir. why vow to be a Nazir in the first place? wanting to have hair like a Nazir. or disgust with the lust that wine induces (why it's before Sotah)

at some point all these drawings will go on my blog. today I am in Venice working on an exciting haggadah project, so putting I'm it off that task. yet again.