Thursday, 14 January 2016

gittin 32

did he change his mind?

or just wanted to annoy her?

- either way, until it becomes hers, she is no longer free to change her mind.

gittin 31

the destructive winds that shakes and disturbs all the precious hidden processes of life.

gittin 30

making assumptions that paying her money (lots of money) would be enough to get back into her good books.

and other assumptions about the recipients of one's money and gifts.

gittin 29

what if the messenger can't deliver?

how can she know the wants to no longer be connected to her?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

gittin 28

when is someone who is out of sight
presumed alive,
or dead?

when delivering the divorce document sent by an ill, or elderly, husband, can it be presumed that the husband will still be alive when the document is delivered to the soon-to-be-ex-wife. Other cases are discussed if the person in a vulnerable, and unknown, situation can be presumed to be alive or dead.

gittin 27

not everything that is lost should be returned.
- it may have been thrown away for good reasons.
by him
or by her.

should a lost divorce document be returned? who to? perhaps the husband changed his mind and never gave it to his wife. Perhaps there is another couple with the same names in the same city. Or perhaps she threw it away... a few pages ago it is discussed if a husband gives his wife a get, and she throws it away or destroys it, it is still valid and she is divorced. so perhaps wives have the habit of throwing away these documents.

gittin 26

it all needs to be written for her
especially for her
for her sake

so he won't leave her in a hurry
he might calm down and stay.

lucky her.

A divorce document must be written specifically for the woman about to be divorced. It is discussed if the standard part of this document, and other documents can be prepared in advance, with a space left blank for the details, the names and date. But it all needs to be written for her sake. One reason suggested is that the time taken for the document to be written entirely, is enough time for the husband to stop being angry with his wife, and change his mind about divorcing her. although it does make her vulnerable to being abandoned, should he leave in a hurry.

Friday, 8 January 2016

gittin 25

stories of girls & the father's approval.

getting to Jerusalem first,
or sleeping with his son.

this page discusses why a husband cannot retroactively designate an ambiguous divorce document and decide which of his wives to discuss. The mishna rejects this as the document has to be written for a specific wife, but then it discusses the case of a man saying he will divorce the wife who comes out of the door first. making it dependent on another person's actions. The rest of the page discusses this type of retroactive clarification, and compares it to a case where a father says that the Pesach offering is for whichever of his children get to jerusalem first (to motivate them), only for his daughters to have more enthusiasm than his lazy sons (because if girls beat boys, there must be something wrong with the boys...) The other case of retroactive designation cited is if a man says to a woman that sleeping together would be an act of betrothal, only if his father approves.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

gittin 24

he can make her his agent to deliver her release from him.

but it has to be her, specifically her, who is finally released.

earlier it is mentioned that a woman can deliver her own divorce document to the court and declare that it was written and signed. This page questions the need for this as she is is divorced on receiving this document. The discussion deduces that this is in the case where the husband has given the divorce on condition that she is his agent, to a particular court, to be given in a particular way. including her needing to appoint an agent to receive for her. something that is controversial as it may be degrading to the husband if she does this. it seems so controlling that even in the process of her being released from him, he has to make her fulfill his conditions, despite how it may affect or degrade her. Also on this page is the opening mishna to the next chapter which emphasises that the divorce document has to be written specifically for her, not another wife of the same name, etc. but her. only her.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

gittin 23

delivering the get. it's all in the mind.

what mind can be trusted to deliver?

one that begins, and ends straight,
never-mind the crazy in-between.

one that is free, but not too free-thinking,
even if they HATE her.

this page discusses who can be an agent to deliver the divorce document. it isn't the same as those who can't write the document, like an imbecile, and other people halacha deems incompetent to understand what is going on. Although if you start (when you receive the doc) and end (when you deliver the doc) then it's ok to deliver the doc, even if you have a episode of crazy incompetence in-between. Also, a slave cannot be an agent, but neither can a gentile. who is not considered suitable to write the document as they are not bound to be thoughtful about jewish law and write the document for her sake. And finally, those women who hate her and therefore cannot be trusted to testify that her husband has died, allowing her to remarry, they can deliver the divorce document. despite their hate. because the document is really only ratified by the writing and the signing. not the delivery. And who are the women who hate the soon to be ex-wife? the mother-in-law, sister-in-law....

Monday, 4 January 2016

gittin 22

plants with no roots in the ground

and people who cannot understand what they are writing.

a get (divorce document) can only be written on something that is detached from the ground. it is discussed if a plant in a perforated pot is considered detached or attached. also on this page is the mishna that outlines that anyone can write a get, including imbeciles, deaf-mutes and minors. people who are usually not considered halachically capable of understanding.

gittin 21

detached documents given to immoveable receivers,

with or without her consent.

gittin 20

freedom can be precious
it can be written on gold
carved into gemstones

why should she pay the scribe to write her own severence?
and why should she pay for her own release?

gittin 19

how to sign if you can't write,
how to write so the words don't disappear,
how to understand the words if you can't read.

gittin 18

delay in giving the get
- he may have had a change of heart.

but what of her heart, and her being able to love another or get back her belongings?

gittin 17

Rome may be dark, but shadows need some light to form.

when were the lights removed in Bavel
when did she get her property back?

gittin 16

the body connects the water outside
to the water inside.

and the agent connects the outsiders with the insiders.

gittin 15

how can a dying mother give her daughter a brooch without her sons claiming this feminine adornment for themselves?

take a bit of halacha from here, a bit from there.
and trust they are too wicked to know how to argue.

gittin 14

close to death
or threatened with death

changes the rules of transferring ownership.