Thursday, 2 July 2015

nedarim 39

those who are low can be raised up by others who show up, whether they stand or sit.

and those who are on high, who try to raise an objection, can be shot down.

and Moshe? who wanted to change creation to punish and bring suffering.

The page discusses the mitzvah of visiting the sick. That even if there is vow that hinders human relationships, not to benefit from another, that should not prevent someone doing this mitzvah as a visitor takes away one-sixtieth of the ill person's suffering. The Torah source for visiting the sick is from the story of Korach's followers, who were fated to be cast alive into the earth. The talmud describes Moshe as asking for Gehenna to be created, or be brought closer, for these people. Another story on this incident is that the sun and moon rose in the different levels of heaven to threaten God that they would not longer shine if Moshe's honour is not upheld and Korach and his followers aren't punished. God, upset that the sun and moon are silent when it comes to being objects of idolatry and don't protect God's honour. So shoots them down, hence the rays of light before the sun rises... but what of Moshe in this story? He calls for vengence and suffering.....

(apologies for the picture quality, these recent draw yomi's come from Krakow, and are photographed and not scanned. I'm at the 25th Jewish Cultural Festival. Where I'm presenting my art at the JCC Krakow at 5pm. and later (11pm ish) will be doing The Rebbetzins' Disco shennanigans. So if you are around, do stop by and say hello. it will be lovely to see you.)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

nedarim 38

it is a good thing that the prophets were independently wealthy and don't depend on the people. They have troubling things to say, so they could end up being shunned, and people refusing to give them food and other benefits.

The prophets - Moshe, Samuel, Jonah - are described as being very wealthy and not needing to receive anything from the people. Also on this page is the situation that if X vows that Y cannot receive any benefit from them, Y's wife and children still can. and slaves. bit of a debate about the animals...

(The story on this page is that Moshe became rich by being given shards of sapphire, the chippings from him carving the second set of tablets. He carried those tablets up to Mt Sinai on Rosh Hodesh Ellul. Our daughter was born on R"H Ellul, which was my grandfather Moshe's yaharzeit. So we named her Sapira, sapphire. and she is very precious & definitely not someone to shun. or you would have me to answer to....)

nedarim 37

girls stay at home, so the teacher is no babysitter. But they still should be paid to teach the girls how to read and understand the torah.

nedarim 36

the lazy sons and the priests who might not have their mind on the job enough to do it properly.

and the daughters who are motivated and get there first.

- shame it doesn't really matter.

nedarim 35

can a priest really refuse someone who wants to return and reconnect with heaven. or only those who need no atonement, and their connection to heaven is intact.

do the priests work for us, or heaven?

nedarim 34

giving someone someting that you won't share with them, and have bequeathed it to the temple.

what sort of a gift is that?

nedarim 33

returning the property of the one who has shunned you.

you might not be getting any benefit from this - but why would you want to?

nedarim 32

wisdom that can dominate every part of a man's body.

so men overcome the struggles of their bodies, with some female help and guidance.

but what, and who, helps her overcome her evil inclination?

nedarim 31

circumcision - THE mitzvah that seperates US from THEM - even those of us who aren't circumcised (women...) or those of them who are.

but they should be grateful. it is because it is only because of circumcision that the world maintains.

nedarim 30

fish aren't born or see the sun. but can only live in the sea.

and sailors don't live in the sea. they are always have a connection back to dry land. they can't live at sea forever.

making a vow not to benefit from those who the sun sees - excludes fish. and making a vow not to benefit from those who live on dry land, includes sailors. they have to get back to dry land eventually.

nedarim 29

protecting the young trees by sanctifying them.


only temporarily sanctifying the maiden. where is her protection?