Tuesday, 7 April 2015

ketubot 64

regular supply of new shoes is just one of the benefits that the rebellious wife throws away.
but is the one who refuses to throw shoes called rebellious?

this page describes that a rebellious wife's divorce is delayed for 12 months, during which time she does not receive her regular sustenance from her husband. It is debated if a widow who refuses to do the halitza ceremony, which involves her removing and throwing his shoe, is given the tag 'rebellious.' Also on this page is the mishna which describes the allowances and sustenance that a husband must give his wife. Including new shoes every festival. Happy Peasch!

Monday, 6 April 2015

ketubot 63

publicly shaming the rebellious woman,
but only in men's spaces. not in the street.
so who does her refusal and disgust embarrass?

ketubot 62

the scholars discuss the frequency of their sex lives,
and encourage their students to lose their way home, and abandon their wives for years, and years.

ketubot 61

don't delay another's longing, desire, or hunger.

unless she's a torah scholar's wife

ketubot 60

unmaternal mothers

the mothers who shun or even kill their babies.

ketubot 59

her hands which refuse to work must still spin -
despite how many other women's hands, and breasts, she can afford to buy.

ketubot 58

he cares for her and her hands. and her hands earn money for him to care for her. 

ketubot 57

are the 12 months to prepare her to be a bride?
or for his relatives to inspect her to check that she has no blemishes?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

ketubot 56

the transaction of intimacy,
what is brought, what is sold and what is owed.

ketubot 55

discerning the intentions of the dead and the dying and their gifts.

ketubot 54

caught between 2 greats - what sustains the widows? infants? or just the clothes on her back?

ketubot 53

the limits on which daughters can be looked after.

ketubot 52

dressing and presenting hi daughter as attractive as he can.
to attract a mate who wouldn't hesitate to redeem her if captured.