Thursday, 5 July 2012

and so it begins...

prelude: august 2012 the daf yomi cycle will begin again. here I go. full of optimism and hope that I will not be defeated by the daily discipline of learning a (double sided) page of Talmud a day. And so I naively venture forth. Planning to do a drawing a day in response to this learning. Marking the process, and drawing out what I can from each day.  Background: the last couple of years I have drawn the omer, daily drawings, meditations if you will. and I miss the daily discipline. Draw-Yomi feels like a natural next step.

Every so often I will invite a chavrutah, a learning partner, to respond to the drawings, to the learning, to add their voice to the unfurling talmudic conversation.

so. that's the plan, the hope, the wish.... let's see what reality will do to dreams.

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