Sunday, 16 June 2013

eruvin 100

a tree, a woman, a promise to cover and protect with clothing
but it's a broken promise....
there will be blood and pain of childbirth... what type of child brings pain?

this page discusses: trees with branches that bend and touch the ground forming a space of shelter, not residence, beneath the tree
not climbing trees on shabbat
sprinkling of blood in the temple sacrifice
forcing a wife to have sex is forbidden, it will result in bad sons (and not a particularly happy wife.... )
but if women initiate, wise sons...
so. women making themselves sexually alluring (in a good way)
women having long hair like Lillith (in a not good way) & grass being tangled in shoes so probably best not walk on the grass on shabbat...
roosters mating ritual of displaying their feathers equivalent to a promise to clothe and cover but after sex admitting they do not have the means...
the pain and the blood
and the curses of Eve... cursed to be modest, to submit to the husband, and to be in pain.

and learning modesty from a cat....

(there's a lot going on on the page...)

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