Tuesday, 17 September 2013

pesachim 87

the journey back to the mother's house, in a time of a need of safety

and returning to the father's house, to eat the food of freedom from slavery.


the pedagogy of women's bodies

(this page begins by discussing a bride who returns to her father's house to join him in the pesach offering and not her husband. It then interprets various verses about a bride who is welcome at her in-law's house. This leads to exploring verses about breasts comparing them to towers, and places of learning. Another example of using a woman's body as a teaching tool is an expansion of the story of the prohet Hosea who is instructed to marry a prostitute, have children with her then cast her out. when he refuses, God says: you see! That's how I feel about the people.... The page concludes with describing the people in exile in Bavel, as going back to their mother's house. they have returned to Abraham's birthplace)

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