Tuesday, 15 March 2016

kiddushin 3

pay the father. 

but when slavery and rape are the comparative cases, need to go back to the books.

 this page discusses the source for why the money for kiddushin should go to the girl's father, and not to the girl. It is compared to rape, where the father would receive the penalty payment. And to the freed slave girl, who is redeemed on becoming mature, and she leaves without money. no payment is made for her to leave. Unlike the daughter where money is paid. Also on this page is discussed a different type of acquisition called an exchange, but this is not suitable for kiddushin as an exchange can be done with something of very small value, and no woman would go along being sold so cheaply....

 following my comments from kiddushin 2 on the drawing process, I am using a very fine nib that gives a delicate line. Since this mesechet begins with money, and that marriage is an acquisition, I am using banknotes as an inspiration. The artwork on banknotes use very intricate patterns. I started with the 1 dollar bill, mainly for the line "In God We Trust" - I think many women go into traditional jewish marriage thinking this... and yet they can get trapped.

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