Friday, 3 June 2016

bava kama

dangerous bulls with destructive intentions.

A new Seder, section, of the Talmud has begun. This is Seder Nezikin. Damages. It starts with describing 4 main categories of damaging forces, the Ox, the Pit, Fire and the elusive Maveh... The owner of each should take responsibility for any damage caused by their property. safeguard to prevent damage, and to make reparations, should any damage happen. So, how much damage can an ox cause? Each main category is broken down into sub-categories. Some of which are the accidental damage caused by the animal going about it's usual habits. But other types of damage is when the animal is acting deliberately, intentionally destructive. 

It took me a while to decide how I was going to draw this mesechet. Bava Kama is the first gate - and I got far too literal about doorways. But Bava Kama is a long mesechet and that approach would trap me too much. So I've gone for damaging the page with graphite powder and working into the patterns that emerge with an eraser, and then finally red pen. That tool of correction and criticism. Which puts order onto the chaos. 


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