Wednesday, 4 December 2013

yoma 20

who is really louder - the cockerel who crows at night, just before dawn.
or the temple crier - whose shout has to overpower the sound of the sun moving across the sphere.

(discussion about the phrase 'keriat hagever' . the cockerel cries at end of night, just before daybreak. and the Temple crier was reputed to be so loud that he could be heard 3 parsangs away. Pah! that's nothing. the High Priest during the middle of Yom Kippur, while he was weak from fasting, could still make his voice heard 10 parsangs away. and the human criers have to overcome the noise of the sun moving across the sky during the day. - I like how the cockerel's mouth in the drawing is crescent/moon shaped. night-time. and the human mouth mid-shout is round, like the sun. Day.)

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