Wednesday, 1 July 2015

nedarim 38

it is a good thing that the prophets were independently wealthy and don't depend on the people. They have troubling things to say, so they could end up being shunned, and people refusing to give them food and other benefits.

The prophets - Moshe, Samuel, Jonah - are described as being very wealthy and not needing to receive anything from the people. Also on this page is the situation that if X vows that Y cannot receive any benefit from them, Y's wife and children still can. and slaves. bit of a debate about the animals...

(The story on this page is that Moshe became rich by being given shards of sapphire, the chippings from him carving the second set of tablets. He carried those tablets up to Mt Sinai on Rosh Hodesh Ellul. Our daughter was born on R"H Ellul, which was my grandfather Moshe's yaharzeit. So we named her Sapira, sapphire. and she is very precious & definitely not someone to shun. or you would have me to answer to....)

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