Tuesday, 24 January 2017

bava batra 2

building walls and partitions on the border.
and the need to protect privacy.

all on the fourth day....

Bava Batra opens with how who is responsible for the dividing walls in territories. How much each side should concede, and how to divide the costs. It also discusses if partitions have to solid, or not. If there is such a thing as being damaged by sight. The evil eye. And the importance of maintaining privacy from prying eyes. 

Today is the 4th day of the 45th POTUS. who is hidden somewhere in this drawing. 

I haven't been posting my drawings for so many reasons, excuses, that are too tedious to go into. It's along the lines of "my dog ate it" and "I left it on the bus..."

new mesechet, new resolve to get this blog back on track. with a few changes. One of the difficult things was scanning, adjusting the scan to get the colour/light levels correct, before uploading. And so I am going to experiment with uploading images that I post on my instagram account. (I also post images after running, so if you are like me and that level of smugness of someone trying to regularly exercise annoys you, then best stay away from my instagram account) In these pics I try to photograph my notebook as an object, and not to replicate the appearance of a scanned drawing.  It's an experiment, and although it will save me time, it might not be the best way to show these images.

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  1. And I've been pretty poor at following your posts although I enjoy looking at/reading them. If you are asking the question I'd always say that if the choice is a quick/rough photo vs nothing at all, please share the photo. Thanks. Steve M.