Thursday, 18 October 2012

shabbat 15

a lesson in materials

found objects, clothing, spit, piss, bones, earth and glass could be impure,
but not broken glass...

and when the place of stones is left and then broken up, the authorities lose some of their power over life and death.

(during the discussion about what things could be impure and therefore should not have contact with terumah food, it is mentioned that the Sanhedrin left their place in the Temple, the Court of Hewn Stone. Outside of the proper setting, they stop trying capital cases. for english translation of this talmud page, see here)

FYI, next Tuesday I will be at the JCC Manhattan, speaking with Mierle Ukeles about my exhibition, and my art, including this draw yomi project. So if you are in the NY area, pop by and say hello. it will be lovely to see you. For more info, and to book, see here.

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