Tuesday, 23 October 2012

shabbat 19

some things just happen - like honey dripping from the honeycomb

and somethings, we don't mind how they happen
- how far are we concerned about what a gentile (or a dog) does on Shabbat?

(discussion about activities done before shabbat that will continue once shabbat is in. cases discussed include the honeycomb. but also has an problematic comparison between a non-jew and a dog carrying from private to public space on shabbat. neither are obligated to keep shabbat. and what about a non-jew delivering a letter for us on shabbat....? for english translation of this talmud page see here)

(apologies for the delay on this one, and the picture quality. I am in NYC and away from scanner, so taking photos with the iphone. my exhibition is at the JCC Manhattan, I am speaking there tonight at 7:30pm, so if you are in NY, come by, it will be lovely to see you)

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