Monday, 12 May 2014

goodbye mesechet beitza

goodbye mesechet beitza - from what to do when an egg is laid on chag, to not slaughtering animals unless they are domestic (reside in the city) or hospitality and gifts to guests who come from far away... dealing with the realities of life that can just appear. suddenly. but even though they are unpredictable, there can still be strategies and a framework for dealing with events that come in from outside one's boundaries and borders. 

much of this section seemed like a repeat of mesechet shabbat, eruvin, pesachim and succah. but some were specific about the differences of behaviour on a chag to shabbat. but revision is good, and it was reassuring to learn these passages and remember the details. perhaps some of this stuff is sinking in... whether or not that is a good thing, I am not yet sure.

because I don't yet really know why I am doing this crazy project. I chose to do this talmud tractate in watercolour. which I instantly regretted. I don't like painting. I like drawing, with line. not building up areas of tone and colour. although over these last 40 days my watercolour technique improved, I am pleased to be saying goodbye to this tricky medium. that takes too long to dry and warps the paper.

but I am tired... thank you to all who are still reading this and following this crazy project. thank you for the support and feedback. it is deeply gratifying to receive the emails. You have a lovely habit of knowing when I am feeling a little demoralised about this and seem to know exactly when to send a message. thank you for the encouragement.

onwards to Rosh Hashana

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