Tuesday, 5 January 2016

gittin 23

delivering the get. it's all in the mind.

what mind can be trusted to deliver?

one that begins, and ends straight,
never-mind the crazy in-between.

one that is free, but not too free-thinking,
even if they HATE her.

this page discusses who can be an agent to deliver the divorce document. it isn't the same as those who can't write the document, like an imbecile, and other people halacha deems incompetent to understand what is going on. Although if you start (when you receive the doc) and end (when you deliver the doc) then it's ok to deliver the doc, even if you have a episode of crazy incompetence in-between. Also, a slave cannot be an agent, but neither can a gentile. who is not considered suitable to write the document as they are not bound to be thoughtful about jewish law and write the document for her sake. And finally, those women who hate her and therefore cannot be trusted to testify that her husband has died, allowing her to remarry, they can deliver the divorce document. despite their hate. because the document is really only ratified by the writing and the signing. not the delivery. And who are the women who hate the soon to be ex-wife? the mother-in-law, sister-in-law....

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