Sunday, 5 January 2014



I have finally uploaded a month's lot of daf yomi drawings. apologies to regular readers of this blog. it has been a busy month - exhibition in Ein Harod Israel, presentations at Limmud Conference. But also been beset with various technical problems. Cutting a long, boring story short - this blog now comes to you from a zooped up refurbished MacBook Pro with new hard-drive and squeaky clean motherboard.

I could have found other ways to scan, adjust light levels etc and upload, but I decided not to. I never expected people to read or follow this blog when I started this project. the main reason for posting was to make sure I stayed committed to this daily routine of learning and drawing. and in a strange way it has been oddly liberating just learning, then drawing. Without the immediate urgency to get it out there, and then anxious about if there was any feedback or not. it's been just about the learning and drawing. Which has been great. but now that I have uploaded about a month's lot of drawing, I honestly can say that I don't think I will take such a long break from posting again.

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