Thursday, 13 November 2014

goodbye mesechet hagigah

goodbye mesechet hagigah

from beginning with the ascent to the temple, and ending with the sinners being protected from the flames of hell, the place below. the temple, God's house, will be replaced by hospitality in the home. and if the thin layer of gold on top of the temple's altar is enough to protect the wood, then the slim total of our inner good deeds will be enough to shield sinners like us from punishment. 

goodbye mesechet hagigah. and goodbye seder moed. 

way back in early october I hosted a siyyum, and we raised a glass of vodka with slivers of fine gold, and ate pomegranate like the number of good deeds we hope we have accrued, and the number of pages we have slogged over.

from starting out in mesechet brachot with the intention of learning every day with eyes fully open, to today, while on an art residency in watery Venice, finally getting round to uploading all these drawings onto my website. I can honestly say that it has been a bit of a ride. and although I am not sure yet what this project is really about, my eyes are still open...

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