Thursday, 13 November 2014

yevamot 2

the men who die, but their names need to live on.
and the women who are alive but lose their individual identities.

(the tractate of yevamot deals with the obligation of Leverite marriage. that is if a married man dies childless, his widow has to marry his brother, or close relative, to "build his house." this is the only marriage bond that is an obligation from the Torah. If a man has more than one wife, then the status of the widow affects the rival wives in terms if there are any reason why one of them are not allowed to marry the surviving brothers.... it gets complicated, and frustrating. because the simple truth is that the women are just property, living vessels to preserve the dead man's honour. It makes tough reading, and even harder drawing. these drawings are sparse simple pencil drawings. Seder Nashim, the section dealing about women - but as objects - it is going to be tough going...)

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