Tuesday, 10 February 2015

ketubot 6

sex with a virgin
there is much to think about.
getting the right angle
and clearing the pebbles.

continuing the discussion about sex with a virgin, and what type of wound that causes, and if it is ok to do on shabbat. A groom who is about to sleep with a virgin has much on his mind, and therefore too distracted to say shema. And the discussion about what type of a wound is made when the hymen is broken and there is bleeding, compares it to pushing through a narrow breach on shabbat and inevitably dislodging pebbles. It's a *lovely* comparison, that makes me wince. And then there are those (non-Babylonians) who know how to penetrate at just the right angle to not cause bleeding in the first place. But where did the groom get his sexual experience and learn this technique? 

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