Wednesday, 4 February 2015

yevamot 118

you better believe the woman when she says that her husband is dead, or that she is divorced.
why would she lie about such a thing?
a husband, even an idiot husband, is so useful for covering up the infidelities and the awkward pregnancies.

this has to be my favourite bit of misogyny so far (and there is much to choose). women prefer to be married, even to an ant, or a low-class person and see that as high status. why? does it give her stability? love? she's not alone? - nope. a married woman can hide her affairs by claiming the illegitimate children are her husbands.

you talmudic rabbis, you know married women so well. But considering how some of you speak about women, is it any surprise that the wives are looking elsewhere for love and intimacy.... 

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