Wednesday, 4 February 2015

yevamot 117

just how many women hate the widow?

is it any surprise that the female members of the family hate her. the only way for the widow to have her money from the ketubah, so she can buy her own food and not take from her late husband's family, is through wanting another husband.
and pretending that she is not really interested in her money.

listed on this page are the various women whose testimony is not to be trusted if the husband is alive or not, which would benefit the widow and allow her to move on with her life. they are various female relatives who hate her, because they have had to share their food with her.  Giving a picture of women against women in competing either for the resources that the men supply, or for the men's intimacy and who knows him best. The animosity between mother/sister/daughter-in-law & the wife of the man seems inevitable in this system of dependency. 

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