Tuesday, 11 August 2015

nedarim 66

not every bride is tall, white, and thin.
but that doesn't mean she's not beautiful. or not good enough for him.
without the aid of the 'helpful' beauty rabbi, who never tell the groom that he is too ugly and demanding to deserve this woman.

various stories of men refusing to marry not beautiful brides. or husbands treating their wives badly. The definition of beauty is tall, thin and white.... unlike the short, fat-lipped, full-bellied, dark, big ears, nose, etc women that are described here. R. Yishmael is identified as the go-to rabbi to beautify the women, to find and enhance their redeeming features. even if it is only her fitting name.... it is frustrating to read the disrespectful treatment of the women who don't conform to the accepted beauty norms. And no challenge to the men who make these demands....... so happy that society has moved on so much since these times.....

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