Wednesday, 7 August 2013

pesachim 48

the wooden women who would efficiently arrange their matzah baking so that their dough would not crack or look frightful.

(describes women's arrangement in a kitchen who take turns would kneading, arranging, then baking the dough into matzah, in the most time efficient way so it will not leven and become chametz. and sign that the dough had begun to rise is either it began to crack, or turned pale like the face of one who was frightened. R. Akiva describes that women, wood and ovens can all be different eg one woman's kneading time is different to another, hence the wooden tree-like women... it is interesting to note that kneading dough for matza has mainly been described as women's work, the women who kneads etc... )

this draw yomi has come to you from Hong Kong airport while I wait for my transferring flight to Auckland. da-daaa.... looooonnnnng flight. 

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  1. Nice seeing you drawing at the airport! Thank you for this daily reminder of Pesachim!