Friday, 9 August 2013

pesachim 50

only in the next world, in the bright sun, are the letters of God's name said as they are written.

in this world, the ones who write the letters aleph, daled, yod and heh, are kept in poverty, so that they will always have to work and keep spinning out the words.

(this page is the ending of chapter 3. it finishes describing the world to come, when the sun will burn very bright and God's name will be pronounced as it written and not as it is said in this world. the next chapter discusses the custom of not working on the eve of Pesach, either from midday. they say that any work done right before, or straight after a festival day or shabbat, will not be profitable. This leads to listing other work that is not profitable, including relying on wife's spinning business, or being a scribe. The scribes is explained that they should always need to work and thus always have a supply of scribal material)

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