Tuesday, 13 August 2013

pesachim 54

fire is a creation that is thought of by God, but comes into being through human hands.

but nothing lasts forever. organic matter disintegrates, and in the end, that doesn't matter.

(contradictory texts that discuss if fire was created before or after shabbat during creation. listed in the items that are created in twilight before shabbat, but there is also a story of primordial Adam being taught at the end of shabbat to strike two rocks together to create a spark that leads to fire. Creation as God's thoughts but human action. also in the page is the curious phrase that some things were thought of by God, but if they weren't then they should have been. and they are connected with death and loss. they are - bodies decay, grief memories of loved ones lessen, and grain rots. things disintegrate, nothing lasts forever.)

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