Sunday, 20 October 2013

goodbye pesachim

goodbye mesechet pesachim....

from searching for chammetz during the Or, light, which is night, to ruling that hands might become impure at midnight. Mesechet Brachot has basically covered, with quite a lot of diversion into demon territory, the 24 hour cycle starting with the eve of Pesach, 14th Nisan, til midnight on first night seder night, the 15th Nisan. 

it has been a packed 24 hours over the 120 pages, and there has been slightly strange feeling time throughout. Outside of daf yomi it has been summer going into autumn, with the festivals of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Succot and yet been learning and thinking about seder night. But there was one day during succot where the daf mentioned lulav and etrog.

and this mesechet I have been very pushed for time. with my work at JW3 that opened to the public a few weeks ago, with travel to New Zealand, Israel - hey, on a bad day the North Circular in London can turn a long journey into something truly tedious. Regular readers may have spotted some gaps. apologies to those who have been following this blog. Whilst I largely kept up with the drawing-a-day routine, uploading those drawings to this blog was sometimes just that one task too many on my to-do list.... 

Goodbye mesechet pesachim, with your insights into Temple life, demonology, and learning that in every generation on seder night, somebody dozed off or fell asleep.

onwards - to mesechet shekalim....

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