Monday, 21 October 2013

shekalim 2

on the first of Adar:
announce the annual collection of money from different lands
& announce the prohibition of mixed planting

(Shekalim deals with the communal fund that pays for the communal offerings in the temple. all men had to give half a shekel on the 1st of Adar so that the funds would be there for Nisan. Discussed on this page is the notion that money from those living far away from Jerusalem, eg the Jews in Bavel, would take a while to get to the temple. Hence the different currencies in the collage, in a fruit/grape like arrangement echoing the other announcement on 1st Adar about mixed planting - mixed currencies)

I decided to do mesechet shekalim as a collage because... well... for no good reason other than when I have explained this project to others and mentioned that I will be tackling each section with different drawing materials eg, pencil, ink, biro, watercolour, sepia, I always say: except for collage... and so I thought: why not collage?
dadaaa - collage. Shekalim is short, only 21 pages. how tedious can it get?

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