Monday, 28 October 2013

shekalim 9

having a head of bread leads to lack of clarity about the measures of wine and blood.
and lack of clarity leads to frustration and kicking out
and lack of clarity about the mitzvot ultimately stops the dead being resurrected and prevents Eliyahu coming.

(in discussion about how much blood in a mule's carcass needs to be there for it to be impure, R. Beivai kicks R. Yitzchak b. Kahana in frustration. he explains this lashing out that he was frustrated, lacked clarity and peace of mind, anxious like someone who relies on buying bread for immediate food rather than buying wheat for a year. the discussion compares the measure with the minimum amount of wine carried on shabbat before being liable for carrying on shabbat. Later in the page there is a chain of events that begins with clarity of mind about the mitzvot leads to cleanliness, purity, holiness, and ultimately, resurrection of the dead, and Eliyahu announcing the Messiah)

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