Saturday, 2 November 2013

shekalim 14

some things are family secrets & unknown stories - like what really happened to the bride..

but when it comes to money matters, information needs to be shared and checked.

(this page details the list in the mishna of who does what in the Temple. Nehuya dug wells for the pilgrims, as he knew where the water was. but his son dies of thirst... a story is told of another well-digger whose daughter was swept away by a river she was crossing on her way to getting married. the man refused to be consoled and there was a rumour that she had survived the river, either by clinging onto a branch or by an angel in the form of R. Pinchas b. Yair.. later in the page we hear of two families, the ones who make the shewbread and the ones who prepare the incense, refusing to teach others their techniques. In contrast to this is the principle that when it comes to communal funds there should be at least 2 officials to check the accounts.)

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