Monday, 4 November 2013

shekalim 15

need for discretion & secret places:
the place to give and receive charity
the hiding place of the ark.

(two places of secrecy. the chamber of secrets where people give charity anonymously and others come and take when in need. the other place is where the ark was hidden. but there are two deaths on this page. one is a man who was covered in boils and appealed to Nahum of Gam Zo who was taking a gift to his father in law's house. Nahum didn't stop and the man died. Nahum cursed himself and felt responsible for this death. appealing directly to others for charity can be fatal if the vital needs are not met. The other death is a priest who, when working in the temple, noticed one of the flagstones was uneven, realised this is where the ark is hidden, went to tell someone and a fire came out and burnt him. if only things were kept within the hidden secret chamber)

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