Thursday, 21 November 2013

yoma 12

(drawing to follow)

once you have crossed the border and worn the High Priest's belt, even if it was for just a day - there is no going back to the ordinary.

(this page begins with discussing if the city of Jerusalem belongs to all, and no one specifically. Or just the Temple Mount. Another opinion is that the Temple crosses the border between the tribe of Yehudah and the tribe of Binyamin. Binyamin is resentful and jealous that even though they have the sanctuary and the Holy of Holies in their land, the altar is in the part of land that is Yehudah. Jealousy and resentment come up later in the page when discussing the what happens to the priest who is temporarily standing in for the High Priest who has become disqualified on Yom Kippur. The substitute priest does not go back to being an ordinary priest. But neither he can remain a second High Priest. Jealousy and rivalry flare up so easily. In between these two cases of jealousy is trying to decipher the distingushing garment of the High Priest to the ordinary priest - all about the belt.)

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