Saturday, 26 December 2015

gittin 13

What price freedom?

better to stay a slave and fuck the easy slave girls, and eat the priests' food.

than run away and be sold by a dying master.

this page argues if it is advantageous for a slave to be free. If he runs away, he can be sold by his master in his absence to another who is not a priest. So why run away? After all, if he was a slave he can fuck a Canaanite slave. And if he was a slave to a priest, he could eat terumah. Although if he was free, he could then have sex with a free Israelite. but that isn't seen as an advantage because he would have more pleasure sleeping with Canaanite maids, because everyone knows that they are promiscuous. More promiscuous then jewish girls. Some people find it crude that I use the word "fuck" when learning these texts. It is no cruder than the sexual attitudes in the gemara. 
Later on in the page it discusses the validity of deathbed declarations of transferring property.

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