Thursday, 17 December 2015

gittin 4

do those who live on the boundaries travel?


are they like outsiders, fixed in what and who they know and don't know?

the debate between Rabbah and Rava continues. Why is a declaration necessary for the agent who delivers the get. Is it because those outside of Israel are ignorant of the get requirements for the woman's sake. Or is it because those who live inside Israel will not know the witnesses and cannot verify the signatures. A test case are the border, and close to the border towns. If they have to declare or not. what are they ignorant of. It's mapping knowledge, and who is open or closed. I tend to think of those who live on the boundaries as permable, free moving and thinking. but this page brings into the discussion an attitude of those who live within the land travel. and those outside remain in their place. and stay ignorant of the proper procedures and are unfamiliar who everyone is. It's an interesting contemplation of how location and 'insider' people feel they are affects how fixed they can be in their thinking. And how the 'insiders' relate and percieve the outsiders, and their lack of knowledge.

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