Thursday, 3 December 2015

sotah 38

giving - both blessings and food.

it's a face-to-face encounter, a conversation.
should only be blessed by those with a giving and generous nature, who even the birds know has good eyes.

(continuing the discussion on which ritual texts should be said in lashon hakodesh, The Priests' Blessing. This page lists various details, including that it should be done with the priest facing the people. Amongst the discussion of the priests' blessing is a detail that one should only eat with, and be led in birchat hamazon, by someone who is generous (= has good eyes). and that even the birds recognise who is a miser. And an ungiving, miserly nature, is what causes a lack of hospitality, resulting in anon murder victim between town, and a ritual where the elders and priests have to publicly declare that they are not responsible for this bloodshed, that came from a lack of generosity)

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